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Online classes are a terrific option for a lot of students. In fact, most students who are attending a traditional college are also taking some classes via the Web. Most graphic design students still prefer a conventional classroom setting for most of their classes. But in order to take classes, there has to be a college in your town. Most states, such as Arizona, will have one or two decent schools in that state's most populated area. In Arizona's case, that would be the greater Phoenix area. Residents of smaller towns will be out of luck, but that's where the online option becomes important.

Students in Ohio have more choices. Because Ohio has several good-sized cities -- Cleveland, Cincinnati, Toledo and Columbus -- residents there can most likely find a traditional campus to attend. They still have access to courses delivered via the Web, but they have the opportunity to select which courses to attend in person as well.

If there isn't a major college in your town, you also have the choice to attend a local vocational school or community college. Many students attend a community college for two years and then apply to a school in a different city. It is much less expensive to attend a community college than it is a private or large state university. These community or vocational schools are even starting to have some online courses as well. Check out these options.

If you do earn your design degree and you're wondering what's next, you can always keep going on with your formal education. You can work towards a master's degree in art or, if you work for a large firm and you want to move up into a management position, you could start working towards a graduate degree in business. If you didn't take many business courses in college, earning a masters degree will take you quite a while to complete, but even if you are enrolled in a program, that will send your company the message that you are serious about your career. Take a look at some MBA possibilities.

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