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Some graphic arts students find that they really enjoy the technical and software aspects of design. Some students majoring in design will often take a minor in information technology or other computer-related field. Having a minor in technology really strengthens your resume and shows potential employers you have a broad background.

If you are planning on leaving home to go to school -- where are you going to go? While many students like the tradition of the northeast schools, some young students want to go to where the weather is warm all year or the night life and youth culture are strong. Areas such as Florida and Southern California still attract plenty of young high school seniors. While attending a Miami college is attractive to many new high school graduates, a large city also has distractions, plus they are more expensive to live in while going to school.

Some of these same students compromise and apply at a college that is out of town, but not in a huge city or where the distractions are too great. Cities such as Austin, Texas and Nashville, Tennessee offer a great university experience in a warmer climate, but without the high costs of living that cities like New York or San Francisco demand.

Some students get into a design college and then branch out into a different field. For instance, some design majors end up moving into the area of interior design. Not many schools offer bachelor's degrees in interior design, so many of the working interior designers got there from a different path. Some design majors like the aspect of working with a room rather than a print, television or computer pallet. Are you interested in interior design?

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