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Are you an artistic and creative person, but feel you never have a chance to display your hidden talents? Why not start a new career in one of the many occupational fields open to graduates with graphic design degrees? Do My Homework 123

A graphic designer can work in careers as diverse as interior design, desktop publishing, or Web advertising and job opportunities are expected to grow by up to 13 percent from 2008 to 2018.

Earning Graphic Design Degrees
Most people seeking to break into a graphics design career field earn a bachelor's degree in graphics design from a four-year college or university. Graphics design degrees can vary from school to school, but a typical program might include courses in:
� Printing technique
� Web design
� Computer aided drawing
� Design
� Studio art

Learning to become a graphic designerDepending on what area of graphics design you wish to work in you might also take classes in marketing, business, writing, and psychology. Associate's degrees in graphic design are available at many community colleges and technical schools and these two-year programs can be used to get a start in the career field as an assistant to a graphic designer. In some cases two- and four-year graphics design programs might require that you have some prior courses in fundamental art and design, but you should be able to take these courses in high school.

Careers as a Graphic Designer
Graduates with graphic design degrees can find employment and interesting careers in many different fields as most industries use design work in some capacity on a daily basis. Just about any company that produces items for retail to consumers uses a graphic designer in their marketing department or contracts their advertising out to an ad agency that has graphic designers on staff. Companies with a web presence use a graphic designer when designing their web site either by hiring an outside web design company or if they're large enough, they may have their own in-house design department.

A few of the industries that may need graduates with graphic design degrees are:
� Web design
� Auto companies
� Fashion design
� Food companies
� Newspapers and magazines
� Advertising

Graphic design technology changes rapidly and designers who keep their graphics design degrees up-to-date with refresher courses might have the best opportunities for good careers and rapid advancement.

Graphic Design Degrees and Future Job Growth
Job security is a concern of anyone considering a new career and you'll be happy to know that the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects steady growth of up to 13 percent in the graphics design field in the 2008-2018 decade. Much of the growth is expected to be in Web related advertising and any marketing department or ad agency that uses the Web should need graphics designers with training and experience in Web design and marketing. Designers with animation experience are also expected to be in demand for the next several years.

Earnings are projected to be steady as well. The BLS reports that the mean average annual income for a graphic designer in May of 2009 was about $47,820 and the top 10 percent employed in the field were averaging about $76,450 per year. The highest average annual wage in the career field was paid by the federal government where a graphics designer might earn $74,030; a close second was computer manufacturing at $66,250.

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